Easy! Tasty! Anywhere!

I have always loved to travel. And I still love it. I remember very well that day when my father took me as a child to go fishing with an overnight stay. There we cooked food on fire. We boiled potatoes, fried freshly caught fish, and made barbecue.

Back then, in my childhood years, I saw that the people who were fishing next to us used a small camp stove with wood to cook food for several people in hiking conditions. I liked this stove, but it had many serious flaws. I dreamed about the convenient and versatile camping stove all the time. And after all, a couple of years ago, I managed to create a prototype of such a furnace. I enjoyed testing it every time my children and I went camping in tents or went fishing. I also gave it to my friends, who were tourists. I received feedback from them in terms of what is comfortable in using it and what needs improvement. So now, having modified its design by making the specific changes, I received the compact, convenient, multifunctional camping stove VidaLibre™, which makes cooking various food for 1-10 people in hiking conditions easy, quick and even fun.

I launched and developed the VidaLibre™ project for travelers, tourists, kayakers, hunters, fishers, cyclists and many others who face the issue of cooking food in hiking conditions where there are no cafes, restaurants and even gas stoves. Our slogan sounds like “Easy! Tasty! Anywhere!”

Having taken this small bag with you on a trip, you get a kitchen of full value everywhere around the world where you can cook food, fry, make BBQ, bake bread, smoke meat or fish, make different kinds of kebab!

Using this stove, you can cook everything that you cook at home!

After all, inside this stove, you can find a pan, a frying pan, a BBQ grill, a lid/tray, six skewers, a ladle, a large spoon, an extra rack for charcoal and even a chimney.

I hope that our VidaLibre™ stove will help people to eat tasty and varied food feeling at home in severe hiking conditions!

Easy! Tasty! Anywhere!