What are the dimensions and weight of the VidaLibre® Camping Stove?

The dimensions of the stove in the traveling state: 17 x 13 x 16 in, weight with the whole set is 20 pounds. The VidaLibre® camping stove is very mobile. When folded, all dishes for 1-10 people, and accessories are placed inside the oven, and it is ready for transportation!

The carrier bag included in the set makes it easy to carry the stove with the whole kit out of the car, boat and other vehicles to the camp or parking.

● Can I cook using a stove cover as a lid? How long will the VidaLIbre® stove serve?

Yes, you can cook with the stove cover. It is especially convenient to use the stove cover as a lid for baking and grilling. The VidaLibre® camp stove is universal! You can cook, fry, simmer, smoke, bake bread, do BBQ, and kebabs!
If you follow the recommendations for using an outdoor stove, described in the Manual, the portable camping stove will serve you for a long time.

● How do you clean it up after grilling? Where does the fat go?

If you grill a greasy product, the fat drips onto charcoal or burning wood. Therefore, the bottom of the stove remains clean from fat. The stainless steel utensils included in the kit are easy to clean with dishwashing liquid and water. If you are at home - the dishes are easy to clean in the dishwasher.

● Is it possible to order extra pans, spoons, etc.?

Unfortunately, spoons and pans and other INOX dishes are not available for sale separately at this time. However, we plan to make it possible soon.

● Can VidaLibre® camping stove be used as a heat source inside a tent or house?

No, the VidaLibre® camping stove can't be used as a heating source inside the tent or house. The portable camping stove is intended for cooking only outdoors. The VidaLibre® outdoor camping stove is designed for various types of dry fuels such as firewood, twigs, wood chips, branches, charcoal, and dehydrated alcohol. When these types of fuel are burned, carbon monoxide is released, which can accumulate indoors and pose a threat to humans. Therefore, VidaLibre® portable stove can be used outdoors only.
N addition, the walls of the furnace body have a thickness of only 1 mm and cools quickly.

● Can you bake in the camping stove and how?

You can bake bread in a folding camping stove VidaLibre®.
1. Knead the yeast dough in the pot from the camping stove's set.
2. Grease dough with olive oil, cover with foil and let it stand for 1 hour in a warm place.
3. As soon as the dough increases in volume by about two times, the dough can be baked.
4. Smear the frying pan with olive oil and place the dough on it, leveling it to the 1/2in thickness.
5. The coals in the stove should give a high heat. Place the pan with the dough into the oven body and cover with the lid of the stove body.
6. When the bottom side of the bread turns brown - you need to flip the bread over and bake it from the other side.

● Can you smoke food in VidaLibre® stove?

Yes, you can smoke food in the VidaLibre® camping stove, like on a regular grill. To do this, light charcoal at the bottom of the furnace, put wet wood shavings wrapped in several layers of aluminum foil with holes on the hot coals and put the meat on a BBQ grid. Close the oven lid. Smoke from the chips will rise to the meat and go through the chimney. Thanks to the lid, the meat will be soaked in smoke and smoked.

● What can I cook on the Vidalibre® multifunctional camping stove?

The VidaLibre® portable folding stove can be used to cook anything that you want.
Camping stove by Vidalibre® includes everything you need to prepare a hot meal for 1-10 persons.
You can cook, fry, simmer, smoke, deep fry, bake bread, BBQ and cook kebabs on the skewers.

● What fuel does the VidaLibre® camping stove use?

The stove is designed for various types of dry fuels such as firewood, twigs, wood chips, branches, charcoal, dehydrated alcohol. The eco-friendly oven has a very efficient design, cooks fast, and requires a bit of fuel. Thus, there is no need to cut trees and burn a lot of firewood - nature is preserved.

You can also buy a VidaLibre® propane burner designed specifically for the VidaLibre® stove. Now you can also cook on propane, using cylinders of any size - from 1 Lb to 100 Lb.